Protecting your employees with simplified on-the-job care.

Visit Health provides a broad range of occupational health services ensuring your workforce remains healthy and on the job.

Whether it’s regular employee screenings and physical exams, vaccine administration, titers testing, x-rays, vision and hearing exams, or drug and alcohol testing, the Visit team and our partner labs are on hand to give your employees quality care, preventing hospitalizations and getting them back to work.

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Testing and Lab Services

  • Physical Examinations

  • Vaccine Administration & Titers

    • Measels
    • Mumps
    • ¬†Rubella
    • Varicella
    • Hep A & B, Hep C
    • Antibody
  • On-call phlebotomy and IV services

  • Tuberculosis Testing (skin + blood)

  • Vision & Hearing exams

  • X-ray Services

  • Lab Services

    • PCR Urine Panels
      • UTI (resulted in 24 hours with resistance factors)
      • Urine chemistry
    • Respiratory Pathogen Panels
    • Wound Panels
    • Pharmacogenomics
Southern California

DOT & non-DOT Drug Testing in California

Offering 24/7 mobile testing across Southern California.

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Map showing range of where we offer drug testing in Southern California

Are you located in Ventura County or the Greater Los Angeles region?

Visit Health has acquired Ventura Urgent Care to better serve the occupational health needs of Southern California.

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